What is a software architect and where should you focus to become one? 🏭

published4 months ago
1 min read


Software architects are often seen as persons that live in an ivory tower. A person that shines his divine knowledge down upon the lesser developers. But that hardly gives architects the credit they deserve.

The picture of an ivory tower resident creates a lot of trouble.

Developers don’t trust the architect to act in their best interest and be relevant to them.

Management gets misleading information from the architect who doesn’t know what is going in the IT engine room.

The software architect title describes a critical role for an organization’s coherence, tying together the penthouse and the engine room. But I haven’t met many architects who could put exact words on what an architect does.

It becomes fluffy.

Fluffy roles tend to become irrelevant because it makes it hard to

understand what is part of the role and what isn’t.

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